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V Digital Services is a marketing agency. They are using us to build out content for their clients. The client you are writing for will be listed after V Digital in the highlighted client bar on the spreadsheets.

The client is Seattle Sun Tan.

Target Audience:
The audience will differ depending on the client for whom you are writing for – so make sure to know who you are writing for before you start writing anything!


*Title: This client would like you to use the titles/topics exactly as they are found in the sheet. However, you CAN always correct for grammatical mistakes.

**CBD Related Topics:  Please make sure you DO NOT use phrases that create medical/health claims. All claims need to be treated as if they are health supplements. Using the phrases “designed for” or “targeting symptoms of” are good alternates.

  • Correct: “Many customers have success in managing pain and inflammation.” 
  • Incorrect: “This product treats pain and inflammation.

You might find additional phrase such as, “customers report” or “some people have experienced these results” useful.


Look in the “Master Instructions” section on the client bar to see what tone should be used. Also take a quick look at some of the web pages on the client’s site to make sure you mimic the style and tone of the existing pages.


  • Use all the keywords provided at least once in the content.


  • Use either Arial or Calibri for the font type.
  • Font size should be 11 for the body and 18 for ALL headers.
  • Do NOT change the color of your headers (no shades of blue) or the color of the body. All text should be the standard black!
  • Look at the URL’s listed and read the “Special Instructions” section to know what is wanted. The format will vary for each individual client.


  • Make sure to hyperlink ALL your sources inside the article. In general, each piece should have at least a few hyperlinked sources. Anything the client/reader would want to verify needs a hyperlink. There may be an instance where you have article that does not require a source. You do not need to list sources at the bottom of the page.
  • You CAN use the reference URL’s as a source, if you find they provide a good source of information. Often, those references are there to demonstrate tone, style or format preferences.
  • Never link to a competitors website or talk about a competitor within the content. **We don’t expect you to identify if a source is a competitor; however, if it is obvious or if a competitors URL is provided do not use that link inside your article.

Additional Content Instructions:

  • If the special instructions say to “add additional content” simply submit your own original content. You DO NOT need to incorporate your work in with the existing content. Although, your content should connect well with the voice and tone of what already exists on the page. The client will insert your content to the page.
Here is a sample format for the pages. The number of H2 headers depends on the length of the page. A shorter landing page may only require two H2s and a longer page more. (also refer to the examples)
  1. Keywords
  2. Exact Page Name from Column D of spreadsheet (H1)
  3. Text
  4. H2
  5. Text and bullet list
  6.  H2
  7. Text
  8. H2
  9. Call to Action (CTA)
  • save the page as the client name followed by the page name. For example, “Pepi Bertini – Home Page.docx”
    • The client name can be found after V Digital on the highlighted bar on the spreadsheet.
  • Please put “V Digital Services” followed by the client name in the subject line of your email and send the content to [email protected]
    • Example: V Digital Services – Day & Night Air

hql maryland, maryland handgun qualification license

MD Handgun Qualification License

If you are looking for assistance in obtaining a Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL), you have come to the right place. Lasting only four hours, this course offers classroom time, use of the simulation lab and live firing experience on the range.

What Is Offered in the Course?

The course cost of $160 includes a GLOCK-17 rental, ammunition, firing range fees and a certification of completion. During the session, students will be instructed to gain understanding of the following:

  • Maryland state firearm law
  • Basic use-of-force parameters and scope
  • Firearm handling and safety
  • Handgun parts and operation
  • Basic maintenance of a firearm

To complete your application for an HQL in Maryland, you must be fingerprinted. Our fingerprinting services are offered for an extra charge.

Do You Need an HQL?

Effective October 1, 2013, a person may not buy, rent or accept a handgun unless in possession of a valid Handgun Qualification License. However, there are certain exemptions that do not require either an HQL or the training portion. Also, you do not need an HQL to own a firearm you purchased before this date.

What Are the Exemptions to the Possession of an HQL?

The following people or entities are exempted from the HQL requirement:

  • Licensed firearm manufacturers and dealers
  • Active or retired law enforcement officers from a local, state or federal law enforcement agency
  • Valid military-ID holders of the National Guard or the United States Armed Forces
  • Purchasers or renters of curios or relics (C&R), as per federal law

Who Is Exempt From the Training?

If you happen to fall under one of the following categories, you are required by law to have the HQL but not the training:

  • Qualified handgun instructors
  • People with completed firearms safety training approved by the Secretary of the Department of MD State Police
  • Employees of armored car companies with MSP permits
  • Honorably discharged members of the US Armed Forces or the National Guard
  • Persons with completed instruction in firearm safety, as defined by Natural Resources Article, §10-301.1, Annotated Code of Maryland
  • Lawful owners of regulated firearms

Are You Ready To Get Your License?

If you have any questions or need help with your application, our friendly staff is available to assist you. Or you can visit Heritage Training and Shooting Center to learn about personal protection and gun safety.

If you have already completed our Basic Handgun Course, you are only required to take the MD HQL Law Add On in order to receive your HQL. The duration of this course is two hours, and it costs $70.


Blasting Small Areas of Fat Away With Liposuction

There is no better way to get rid of pesky fat that does not seem to be affected by diet and exercise than liposuction, also called lipo for short. Lipoplasty is a favored procedure for hundreds of thousands of patients all across the country. Dr. Moulton-Barrett is a board certified surgeon who is very experienced at sculpting people bodies using state-of-the-art lipo techniques.

If you  have small bulges of fat, you may be a perfect candidate for this procedure. Since its invention in the mid 1970s, people have been perfecting their bodies with this safe and effective procedure. Although some people think that it involves removing large amounts of fat, lipoplasty is actually used to mold and form the buttocks, thighs, and abdomen. New techniques have led to the expansion of liposuction procedures to include the neck, ankles, and knees.

Different Types of Lipoplasty

As doctors continue to study the body and how surgery can be used to enhance its appearance, new developments in plastic surgery become available to the general public. Some of the ground-breaking procedures include:

  • Laser Assisted Lipo: This version, nicknamed SMART Lipo, is very accurate and uses lasers to burst fat cells before removing them from the body via cannula.
  • Tumescent Lipo: A saline solution mixed with epinephrine and painkiller is injected into the fatty tissues that the surgeon is scheduled to remove. This solution breaks down each fat deposit, making it easier for the surgeon to remove from the body. This procedure can ease pain after surgery and reduce blood loss during the surgery.
  • Ultrasound Assisted Lipo: Rather than using lasers or a saline solution to rupture fat cells, they are liquefied using ultrasound waves.

Determining Your Candidacy

Lipoplasty is not for everyone. It is also good to remember that it is not a weight loss surgery. Indeed, removing too much fat from the body can be very harmful, and create serious side effects. The best candidates for liposuction are those who:

  • Are in good overall health
  • Are of average or a little above average weight
  • Have elastic, firm skin

Lipoplasty does not remove cellulite. People who have a significant amount of cellulite are not good candidates for any lipo procedure.

Enhance Your Body with Liposuction Performed by an Expert

If you think that you would like to undergo liposuction to remove stubborn fat from your body, call the office of Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett. You can make an appointment to discuss how you would like to enhance your appearance by calling our Alameda office at 510.417.4669 or our Brentwood office at 925.526.6849.

First Responder gear, military gear, Military EOD Equipment

Force Protection Gear

Our lineup of FPG products provides field-tested solutions for transporting and protecting gear in places where what’s “normal” is typically anything but normal. There are hundreds of thousands of FPG deployment bags and portable footlockers currently in use in some of the roughest terrains in the world. FPG relies upon independent third-party studies to verify their rigorous performance standards. Their products meet the demanding requirements of military gear and have been battle-tested in combat and peace-keeping operations.

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Special Features and Applications

Incorporating designs that make sense and constructed to withstand heavy environmental and physical abuse, the products in our FPG catalogue meet the needs of the most demanding mission assignments. The FOR102 Aviator/Driver Kneeboard, for example, provides secure and adjustable writing capability, documentation review and iPad access in the toughest land, sea or air transportation situations. The FOR82 Marauder backpack features ergonomic shoulder straps and a ground pad thermal barrier compartment that serves as a seat while resting. The FOR76 Combat Deployment Bag’s SmartPak feature enables full isolation of wet items (jackets/socks/boots) from dry items.

Recommended for use by:

  • First responders and emergency teams
  • Aviation and mobility personnel
  • Military and government teams
  • Field communications and intelligence teams
  • Law enforcement
  • Maritime and shipyard teams

Contact Federal Resources to learn more about how the FPG product line can meet the needs of a wide range of field and tactical applications. You’ll also discover how we earned a reputation as a preferred-choice supplier of first responder gear, logistical solutions, tactical gear and military EOD equipment.