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We are building out some templated state pages for Nationwide insurance that basically give people a rundown of the different insurances Nationwide provides. These are very templated, so each state page follows the exact same format.

Target Audience:
Anyone needing insurance – so everyone. 🙂


Write in 2nd Person and cater to the state you are writing for. Refer to the Examples

Keywords & Links:

There is a section dedicated to each keyword, and there should be a link in each section (refer to example). Don’t overstuff, refer to the examples of normal usage in the writing.

Here is the list of the keywords and the links they should go to – Refer to Example

  • Auto Insurance –
  • Homeowners Insurance –
  • Life Insurance –
  • Business Insurance –


Please refer to the examples, but each state page will follow this format:

[State Name at the top][Auto Insurance][Homeowners Insurance][Life Insurance][Business Insurance][Get a Personalized Quote Online]
Add a bullet list at the bottom of the keywords with the word “quotes” added and link to the appropriate links – see examples



  • Please name tthe saved file “Nationwide-[state name]”
  • Example: Nationwide-Arizona

Please send to [email protected] and include “Nationwide-[state name]” in the subject line of your email.


Auto Insurance

One aspect of driving that many people in Arkansas overlook is insurance. We know how stressful driving can be. We want you to enjoy being in the driver’s seat. With auto insurance from Nationwide, no matter how eventful your travels across Arkansas are, you and your vehicle are taken care of. Our vehicle insurance options provide many benefits that make recovering from the unexpected easier.

Homeowners insurance

Whether you’ve recently purchased a home in Little Rock or you live in Fayetteville, your home’s safety and security are only as reliable as your homeowners insurance policy. Our agents are always happy to help you learn about your insurance options. Arkansas may not get severe storms or adverse weather conditions too often, but a Nationwide homeowners insurance policy can help keep your home safe. In the event of a covered event, our Brand New Belongings® and other policy inclusions can help replace damaged possessions and restore your home to its pre-calamity glory.

Life Insurance

Many people do not realize that financial security doesn’t start and end with their cars, homes and health. Sound financial planning means covering all bases. Regardless of your age, marital status and financial situation, you can benefit from Nationwide life insurance. Our Arkansas life insurance agents can help assess your needs and tailor a policy that provides an adequate financial safety net for you and your loved ones.

Business Insurance 

Nationwide is here to help you come overcome perils and risks that can impact your company. You don’t have to be a seasoned entrepreneur to benefit from business insurance. Our Arkansas commercial insurance agents are committed to helping current and potential business owners understand their options and get the coverage they need for their companies to remain unburdened by risks and perils.

Get A Personalized Quote Online

From in-depth policy reviews to finding hidden savings and offering advice about deductible amounts and policy options, you can rest easy knowing that our agents will help you get the premiums, deductibles and coverage you can afford. To learn more about our auto, life, home and commercial insurance products, visit our online quote tool. You can also visit our local offices or call to speak to one of our agents.



Auto Insurance 

Living in Alabama means you’re no stranger to the unexpected. You love spending most of your days outdoors driving, hiking the local mountains and wetlands and going to college football games. All of those things are possible and more with the right insurer. The security and financial protection that a Nationwide auto insurance policy provides is invaluable. Whenever you have questions about policy options, deductibles or how you can save on your premiums without sacrificing protection and stability, our Alabama auto insurance agents are available for you.

Homeowners Insurance

Alabama may be full of friendly and helpful faces, but that is no reason to leave your home vulnerable to perils, such as fire, flood and theft. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all homeowners insurance policy. In the event of the unexpected, the right Nationwide homeowners insurance policy with options like Brand New Belongings® can make it easier for you and your family to live worry-free. Nationwide has a variety of homeowners insurance products for you to consider. Contact one of our agents to learn coverage options for your needs.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a necessity that you should not overlook. It’s an asset to any estate plan and financial portfolio. Whether you’re a newlywed or a young entrepreneur who has yet to meet that special someone and start a family in Alabama, Nationwide is here for you. Our agents understand how life is full of unexpected circumstances. Nationwide life insurance can provide you with a good backup plan in times of emergencies. With insurance products ranging from term, life, whole and variable, we can help you get the right policies for your short and long-term life insurance needs.

Business Insurance

Being an Alabama area business owner means you are no stranger to planning and preparation. Whether you own a small boutique in Muscle Shoals or manage a large office in Shreveport, the right Nationwide commercial insurance policy can keep your business going strong. We know how difficult choosing business insurance can be and that it is not easy to deal with unexpected. Nationwide can help you to overcome those issues and keep your business going strong.

Get A Personalized Quote Online

We make it easier for customers to effortlessly transition from one unexpected event to the next with minimal out-of-pocket expenses. If you’re ready to experience the Nationwide experience, use our online quote tool or contact us to speak with one of our agents to get the auto, life, business and homeowners insurance products you need to keep your life stress-free.


Auto Insurance

Living in Arizona means the Grand Canyon, beautiful sunsets and breathtaking scenery. Whether you spend most of your time on the roads sightseeing or traveling to work, you’ll need a good auto insurance policy to protect you and your vehicles. With so many drivers on the roads, we know accidents can happen at any time. Fortunately, you can count on our Arizona insurance agents to help you find the right policy and take advantage of our Vanishing Deductible®.

Homeowners Insurance 

Many local area residents are not aware of how important it is to have homeowner’s insurance. Although the area rarely has inclement weather, natural disasters can happen at any time that could damage your home. Nationwide homeowners insurance can help prepare you for the unexpected. Whether you own a starter home in Phoenix or a large mansion in Chandler, Nationwide has Arizona homeowner’s insurance products with options like Brand New Belongings® to protect your home and belongings.

Life Insurance

You cannot control the future. However, Nationwide life insurance can help you and your family to prepare for unexpected financial uncertainties. You can count on our life insurance agents to assist you in finding the coverage you need. Whether you and your family are just starting out or you are planning for retirement, Nationwide has life insurance options to provide you and your family with a financial safety cushion you can depend on.

Business Insurance 

Whether you are in the process of starting a business or expanding your current operations, regardless of the industry your company is in, you’ll need Arizona business insurance. Nationwide business insurance agents know the many risks and perils that business owners face. We can’t prevent issues from arising that could compromise your business. What we can do is help you understand your coverage options and put together a commercial insurance policy that’s tailored to your company’s specific needs. 

Get A Personalized Quote Online 

Getting insurance quotes from Nationwide is fast, easy and free. Use our online quote tool today to learn your coverage options and purchase a policy. You can also talk to an agent to learn more about how our insurance products can benefit your situation.