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4 Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Bathroom

Big city, small bathroom: this is a fact of life in most New York apartments. Here’s how to keep everything you need at hand without cluttering up your counter or cramping your style.

  1. Hang caddies on a second shower rod.

Stop battles over prime shelving real estate in the shower by installing a second rod and using shower curtain hooks to hang inexpensive, rubber caddies from it to keep shampoo, conditioner, shaving gel and other morning routing must-haves organized and at hand.

  1. Make the most of your doors. 

A shelf placed above the door can hold extra Q-tips, cotton balls and other items, cleverly disguised in decorative bottles or baskets. Don’t stop there! An over-the-door shoe organizer can be repurposed to hold:

  • Hairspray and other styling products
  • Brushes
  • Hair clips
  • Hand mirrors
  • Blow dryer

The backs of cabinet doors can also be used to organize small items. Simply hang a magnetic strip to keep track of bobby pins, tweezers, nail clippers and other metal items.

  1. Add layers under the sink.

Lazy Susans aren’t just for the kitchen, and layers aren’t just for your fall wardrobe. Use a two-tier turntable under the sink to keep small containers of makeup, cold cream, lotion or other toiletries easy to reach. Consider using the top layer for products you use in the morning and the bottom layer for products that are a part of your bedtime routine.

Stackable shoe drawers  or bins can be used to maximize vertical space and store sunscreen, fingernail polish, or even bathroom cleaning products. Whichever type of organizer you choose to stack under the sink, opt for clear fronts that allow you to see what’s inside.

  1. Sneak a slim cabinet to the side of your toilet.

Keep extra rolls of toilet paper and other essentials concealed yet close at hand in a slender cabinet that fits perfectly to the side of your toilet.

Do you have any other small bathroom storage ideas? Share your tips and tricks with other members of our UDR community by commenting below.

A Roundup of the Best Carry-On Luggage

One size does not fit all. This is true when it comes to carry-on luggage dimensions from one airline to the next, as well as your packing needs. Here’s a roundup of the best carry-on luggage measuring less than 22 inches X 14 inches X 9 inches. Choose the one that best suits your travel, and avoid those exorbitant checked bag fees.

Best Backpack

The NorthFace Overhaul 40 Backpack might not be your best bet for business travel, but it’s perfect for carrying everything you need for a trip through Europe. It measures 21 inches X 12 inches X 7 inches and has a roomy interior with lots of functional pockets—including a padded sleeve for a tablet or 15” laptop and water bottle holders on the side. It boasts a customizable hip belt and sternum straps to comfortably distribute your load, and the Flexvent back panel keeps you cool when you’re racing to catch a train.

Best Underseater

Credit card pockets? Check. Laptop sleeve? Check. USB port? Check. Keep all your gadgets—and a change of clothes—close at hand while in flight. No need to worry about whether or not there’s space in the overhead bin; measuring a mere 16-½ inches x 13-½ inches x 9 inches, the Samsonite Spinner Underseater is small enough to count as your personal item and fit under your seat. If you need to bring more luggage, the smart sleeve slides over the handle of most upright suitcases.

Best Organization

Type A personalities will appreciate all of the labeled compartments inside Genius Pack’s G3’s 22” Carry On Spinner, as well as designated exterior pockets for your passport, reading material and water bottle. A permanently embedded checklist ensures you haven’t forgotten to pack anything, and a retractable ID compartment that enables you to breeze through security. But the feature you’ll most love about the G3 is the integrated air valve that condenses clothing and maximizes packing space.

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Best Spring Festivals in Portland

Looking for something to do in Portland after the ZooLights have dimmed but before the roses have blossomed? There’s no shortage of events happening this spring in this amazing city located in the shadow of the majestic Mt. Hood. Portland’s laid-back, friendly vibe makes it the perfect host for thriving culinary and music scenes, not to mention it’s natural beauty.

For the Flower Lovers

Portland may be known as the City of Roses, but the tulips here are just as spectacular. During Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest—which runs from March 23 – April 30—stroll through the beautiful blooms from bulbs on the 40+ acres at Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. Located in Woodburn, the 45-minute drive is well worth it. Snap some stunning shots and enter your faves in the annual photo contest. When you’re done strolling, enjoy a sip of wine.

For the Music Aficionados

What do Wyclef Jean, Zapp and De La Soul have in common? They are all part of this year’s Soul’d Out Music Festival scheduled April 18-22 at multiple venues across the city. In its eight-year run, this festival has become a Portland tradition that you don’t want to miss. Last year a variety of performers—from Solange to Travis Scott—took the stages by storm and put on unforgettable shows. This year promises to be even better.

For the Foodies

Head to Tom McCall Waterfront Part to taste the authentic flavors of Mexico during the 34th Annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta on May 4, 5 and 6. More than 20 vendors gather to serve delicious regional specialties, and three bars offer beer, tequila and other spirits. You can also purchase handcrafted wares from Guadalajaran artisans, and enjoy live entertainment throughout the day and night.

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Carpet Cleaning Hacks

Red wine. Coffee. Mud. Makeup. Chances are your carpet has seen them all. That doesn’t mean that evidence of last year’s Christmas party has to still be visible come the Fourth of July. Keep your carpet as fresh and luxurious as the day you moved into your luxury UDR apartment with these carpet cleaning hacks.

ASAP Treatment

You’ll have better luck getting any type of stain out if you treat it immediately, before it has a chance to set.

  • If necessary, scrape any loose parts of the spill with the dull side of a butter knife.
  • Blot (don’t rub!) the area with a clean cloth or paper towel to absorb the liquid.
  • Dilute the spot by pouring a little water or club soda onto the stain.
  • Continue blotting.
  • Scrub the area with soapy water if necessary.

If you use a commercial carpet cleaner, be sure to test it on an inconspicuous area first to make sure it doesn’t cause any discoloration.

After Party

You saw the beer get spilled on your carpet during an exciting Super Bowl play. But the drive is still going, and you don’t want to miss the touchdown by dealing with the stain. Nor do you want to make your guest feel any worse than he already does. Try this hack to when you need to delay cleaning.

  • Blot with paper towels.
  • Sprinkle salt on the stain to absorb any remaining liquid.
  • Vacuum the salt after guest have left.
  • Proceed with the above ASAP treatment steps.

Spring Cleaning

What do you do when you uncover an old stain during your annual spring cleaning that you didn’t know about? (Wait! Don’t send off an angry text to your roommate!) Try using baking soda paste.

  • Vacuum the carpet.
  • Mix one cup of baking soda and two tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl. Continue adding baking soda until the mixture is paste-like.
  • Generously spread the paste over the stain.
  • Rub the paste into the carpet fibers with your fingers.
  • Let the paste set on the stain for 30 minutes or so.
  • Place an old, clean towel over the stain, stacking heavy books on top.
  • Wait another 30 minutes (or longer) to remove the books.
  • Check that the stain transferred from the carpet to the towel.
  • Vacuum any remaining paste from the carpet.

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Tips For Spring Cleaning With Your Roommates

From bunkbeds in your basement bedroom to the tight confines of a dorm room, you’ve probably cohabitated before. But let’s face it: neither of those scenarios is associated with cleanliness. Spring cleaning probably never crossed your mind until you noticed some of the luster of your luxury UDR apartment in need of a duster. Freshen things up with these tips for spring cleaning with your roommates.

Plan a Time When Everyone Can Help

You are all undoubtedly busy, but you’ll only need to block out a few hours to get things done when everyone helps. Many hands make light work!

Make a Chore Chart

Curb your inner control-freak. Make a list of things that need to be done, but don’t make assignments. Instead, let your roommates choose the things they don’t mind doing. Someone may love to squeegee the dog hair out of the carpet, while someone else may enjoy hosing off the patio furniture.

Decide on Acceptable Cleaning Products

Not everyone loves the smell of a freshly bleached bathroom.  Even if your roommate isn’t into all things green, large scale cleaning with products full of chemicals could cause respiratory problems. Discuss what kind of products to use and stock up on them in advance.

Make it Fun

Dancing while you dust? It’s hard not to shake your hips and burn a few extra calories when you crank up this spring cleaning playlist!  (Just be respectful of your neighbors.) And don’t forget the money, honey. Everyone will be more willing to part with some of the clutter if you turn it into a vacay fund. Or reward yourselves by going to that restaurant you’ve always wanted to eat at, but never did because it was to expensive. Clean out your closets and find a nearby consignment shop to sell furniture and clothing for you, or check out these online consigners and sell those Manolo Blahniks that pinch your toes yourself.

How do you divvy up seasonal cleaning with your roommates? Share your advice with other members of our UDR community by commenting below.