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Application and Training, Part 1

Do You Have What It Takes?

At BKA, we take pride in providing higher-quality content than the competition, and are always looking for creative and talented people to join our team.


We need writers with the following traits:



Consistent, high-quality work that is on time.


Correct use of grammar and punctuation.


Clear and concise writing that is easy to read.

Quality Is What We Do

Our company takes pride in providing higher-quality content than the competition, and we are looking for writers who are reliableproficient and articulate.

We rely on outsourcing to writers who can consistently produce quality articles that are 100% original and unique. This can be a great opportunity to work from home and set your own schedule.

While there is a learning curve in the beginning, we are available to provide you with the training and support you need.

Current Position Available: SEO Writer

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Do you have what it takes to write for BKA? Take this quick and easy course to learn the basics, and then send us a sample of your writing. We’re always looking for high-quality writers with a dedication to originality and consistency.

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