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Creative Writing

The 1-year MFA creative writing program offers students the opportunity to explore both interdisciplinary and innovative approaches to writing. The program consists of several workshops, each of which may introduce students to a wide variety of writing styles, forms and techniques, with the goal of helping participants narrow down their focus to a selected area of interest.

Throughout the duration of the program, students may explore and dissect several literary genres, including but not limited to poetry, prose, non-fiction and drama. Reading literary models and theoretical contexts affords students the opportunity to sharpen their abilities to read and fully appreciate varying genres, styles and contemporary trends for their unique text structures and linguistic touches. Instructors may also encourage students to review and critique classmates’ works in an effort to promote a culture of peer collaboration and review.

The creative writing program is designed to broaden students’ interaction with literary artworks and encourage them to take an interdisciplinary approach to their own writing. 


Early Childhood Education

The 1-year MS program in early childhood education is designed to equip participants with the tools and knowledge they need to help young children succeed in a primary school setting. The program integrates aspects of educational administration with specific topics that focus on the needs of elementary-aged children. Some such concepts include child development, educational budgeting, early childhood curriculum and communication and management. The program also offers courses that prepare students for teaching and managing infant, preschool-aged and elementary-aged youth with disabilities or special learning needs.

Program participants may build skills in advanced early childhood curriculum development and evaluation. Classes may focus on the developmental aspects of human learning and require students to assess the possible effectiveness of programs for children from birth until middle school age.

Courses may also place an emphasis on the development of the leadership skills necessary to succeed as an administrator in a primary school setting. Some such skills include marketing, fiscal planning and human resource management.


Human Resource Management

The goal of the 1-year MS program in human resource management is to ensure that, upon graduation, participants have the skills and knowledge necessary to use data and strategy to enhance an organization’s productivity. During the course of the program, participants may learn how to craft training programs, develop benefits packages, implement strategic initiatives and use data analytics to make sound business decisions. They may also learn how to recruit and retain top talent via wellness programs, engagement initiatives and company culture.

The curriculum for human resource management examines concepts such as organizational design, learning and development, talent recruitment and retention and overall HR strategy. During the course of their studies, students may assess issues commonly faced by HR departments, such as diversity and inclusion, sexual harassment, health and safety, productivity, disciplinary processes and employee well-being. Courses may also prepare participants to deal with common technical issues such as HR technology, cyberthreats and evolving best practices.